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Polytechnic Institute of Tomar – At the Forefront of Knowledge

With about 4000 students, the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT) has been a landmark among higher education institutions for 25 years.  With 23 bachelor’s and 17 master’s degree courses as well as several post-graduate courses, IPT offers a wide range of training areas and constantly reviewed curricula in order to meet entrepreneurial  needs.  Currently, all IPT degrees are adapted to the Bologna model.  IPT has a campus in Tomar for students of the School of Technology (Tomar) and the School of Management (Tomar) and another in Abrantes for students of the School of Technology (Abrantes).  All schools have at their disposal a committed teaching staff and facilities and services directed to a practical-oriented training designed to facilitate access of graduates to the labour market.  Modern laboratories are also a valuable asset of the institution. They allow strong links with the outside world through the provision of community services and contact with real-life situations.   IPT has appropriate facilities and support services to meet the students’ needs.  The Polytechnic places at the students’ disposal a wide range of support services and facilities: a residence halls in the campus, modern engineering laboratories, computer facilities that meet technological advancements, business simulation rooms, technical laboratories, access to wireless network from any point in the campus, libraries, copying services, canteens and bars. 

Academic Environment

The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar provides the students with excellent material conditions as well as a close student/teaching staff relationship.  Every year special attention is given, both by older students and the Board, to the welcoming of new students and their appropriate integration.  Among other initiatives, there are host sessions to facilitate integration of “freshmen” in the university life.  The close student/lecturer relationship, not only facilitates this integration, but also contributes to better learning and success.   Every year, the student associations develop activities aiming at integrating students in academic life. IPT’s  student song fest groups - Tuna Templária, Cavaleiras de Sellium and EstaTuna - are very active and every year welcome new talents. 


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